At Kandra School we create opportunities for all our students to have input in their learning and the broader school environment. Central to our approach is a focus on the Department of Education and Training’s AMPLIFY document. AMPLIFY guides our staff in creating the conditions to assist our students in developing the behaviors, attitudes and learning environments that facilitate student voice, agency and leadership.

Within our school community we give our students the opportunity to find their own voice in our supportive school environment and assist them to develop confidence and begin to form their own identity. 

At Katandra School we currently empower student voice, agency and leadership through:

  • School Captains and student leaders are elected each year
  • School Captains and leaders meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal to plan whole school student centered activities
  • School Representative Council from all classes are elected each year
  • Student Voice Fridays – students have input in their daily learning plan
  • All student Independent learning plans (ILP’s) contain student centered improvement goals. These goals are reviewed regularly with student and parent/guardian input
  • Students plan and implement end of term celebrations for the whole school community
  • Year 6 students plan their graduation activities
  • Students plan playground activities at break times
  • Teachers explicitly include student voice agency and leadership in their planning documents