Katandra has a commitment in supporting ongoing staff health & wellbeing. We believe if staff are happy, healthy and resilient, then this authenticity flows through to the students on a daily basis.

The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is a program delivered directly into Australian schools. The Wellbeing Toolkit enables staff members to engage collaboratively to address their own health and wellbeing and foster a more supportive and inclusive professional climate.

At Katandra we aim to achieve strong social capital, and agree that it takes buy in and commitment from all staff to improve overall wellbeing within the school. By opting to undertake the wellbeing toolkit our school is demonstrating its commitment to starting and continuing an open and productive dialogue around wellbeing, resilience and positive mental health.

The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is a group development platform designed to help schools create a professional climate which is conducive to the optimal health and wellbeing of all staff. The only program of its kind in Australia, the Toolkit assists individuals to proactively manage their own wellbeing and provides strategies for professional communities to better understand and support each other.