The Grade 5/6 Area at Katandra School

Moving into the Grade 5/6 area of the school is an exciting step for students. From the early classes, many children aspire to be one of the 'big kids'. And for very good reason!

This year we have 2 Grade 5/6 classes, each with 9 or 10 students, and each class has a full-time Teacher and a Teacher support staff member for 4.5 days, to enable us to carry out the range of programs we offer.

As in the rest of the school, each student has individual goals set for them, by the teacher and parents at the beginning of each year. These are reviewed and updated throughout the year as needed.

The emphasis in the Grade 5/6 area is on Literacy, Numeracy, Social skills development and Independence.

Literacy skills are taught to all students at their own level. Each child builds on what they already know and is pushed to attain the best results possible. Comprehension is a vital component of Literacy skills, and this, along with the practical application of Literacy skills is an important area we spend much time on.

In Numeracy classes, students work mainly on the areas of Number, Time and Money, and the practical applications of these. The children need to develop skills that will be of benefit in the future – whether it be learning number facts for quick recall, learning how to use a calculator well, telling the time, reading timetables, or a thorough understanding of money; to enable them to function as independently as possible within our community.

We spend much time working on social skills. All children need to know how to work within a group, how to make and maintain friendships, how to treat each other well – showing respect, kindness and consideration for themselves and others, understanding that they all change as they mature.

Students are expected to become as independent as possible. They look after their own belongings, they are given tasks to do around the school, they deliver class rolls, they participate in gardening and sweeping, they help out with the younger students.

All students have classes in Art, Computer Technology, Homecrafts and Music each week. Students are also involved in a range of Physical activities – Bike Education, Games and Sport, Swimming, Trampolining, Bowling. All children are able to attend School camp for 3 days – where children re involved in a wide variety of adventure activities, experiencing life away from the safety of home and families.

Transition to Secondary settings starts early in the year and is experienced by all students in the 5/6 area – so transition is actually a 2 year process. Students visit a secondary setting throughout the year, ensuring they are comfortable and well used to going to this new school, well before they move on.

The Grade 5/6 students at Katandra are a really great group of kids. They can spend time together playing much more 'sophisticated' games with set rules very happily. There are friendship groups within the larger group, but all can switch around to work with others, showing increasing maturity. It is amazing to watch the Grade 5/6 children at work and in play, and reflect on the changes they have made over their time at Katandra School. The development of each child, not just the academic area – which is vitally important, but especially in the area of friendship, getting along with others and increasing independence is a fantastic thing to observe.