School Council

The School Council meets at least twice a term on a Wednesday evening.  The School Council works as a harmonious and unified group in the best interests of the students and their unique educational needs.

The role of the School Council is to serve and promote the interests of Katandra School students, staff and parents, and to promote the school in the wider school community.

The School Council is a legally constituted body obligated to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Determine the educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister of  Education
  • Exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition
  • Make any recommendations Council thinks necessary for the replacement, extension or alteration of any buildings, and for improvements to the buildings and grounds
  • Provide for the necessary cleaning services
  • Ensure that all monies received by the school are expended appropriately, keep financial accounts as directed by the Department and present audited statements
  • Stimulate interest in the school
  • Carry out any other prescribed duties

The School Council comprises of a mix of people representing parents, staff from DEECD and possibly a co-opted member.

Nomination forms and school council information are located under the Parent Information, Notices and Forms.