The Student Support Group represents a partnership in the educational planning process between:

  • the parents/guardians/carers of the student
  • the parent/guardian/carers advocate
  • the teacher/s
  • the principal or nominee (to act as chairperson)
  • the student (where appropriate).

The aims of the Student Support Group are to:

  • ensure that those with the most knowledge of, and responsibility for the student, work together to establish shared goals for the student’s educational future
  • plan reasonable adjustments for the student to access the curriculum
  • provide educational planning that is ongoing throughout the student’s life
  • monitor the progress of the student.

The Student Support Group is responsible for:

  • identifying the student’s needs
  • determining any adjustments to be made to the curriculum, teaching and learning
  • planning an appropriate educational program
  • developing a personalised learning and support plan
  • discussing the plan with teachers and providing support to implement the learning plan
  • providing advice to the principal concerning the additional educational needs of the student and what may be required to meet these needs
  • reviewing and evaluating the student’s program once per term, and at other times if requested by any member of the group.

SSG’S at Katandra School

SSG meetings occur every term in week 3. SSG afternoon/ night will be scheduled from 12.45pm-6.30pm on the Monday of week 3. (Students will finish school at 12.00pm so staff can have a lunch break for SSG’s) Families and parents will be reminded of this date through all parent communication portals.

Parents/Carers will be sent home a preference for times to attend an SSG. In the instance that a family or parent is unable to attend on that day, a telephone SSG can be scheduled for the same day between 12.45pm and 6.30pm. Alternatively if a time cannot be allocated on the Monday of week 3, then the classroom teacher will make an alternative time on the Tuesday-Thursday for an SSG between 3.00 and 4.30pm.

SSG’s will follow a clear whole school agenda and depending on class sizes will be scheduled 30-45 minutes in length, for grade 5 and 6 students it is encouraged that they also attend the SSG to comment on their learning as part of student agency and voice, however we will leave this to the decision of parents and care givers. Minutes will be taken by the teacher assistant or a specialist teacher.  The minutes will be typed live and shown during the meeting on the Smart Board. Parent/Carer will sign a copy before the SSG is completed. If it is a telephone SSG minutes will be sent home and will need to be returned signed to the classroom teacher.