Katandra School is supportive of external NDIS registered allied health and therapy practitioners coming into the school to work with students to support their individual needs to access their learning, support physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

We appreciate that families are allocated a large proportion of funding towards occupational therapy, speech therapy and physio therapy and often it is difficult to balance and co-ordinate a time s that meet the needs of the student, family, therapist and school.

Through school council, Katandra has developed a very clear and consistent system to ensure that if families/carers wish for external therapists to work with their child during school hours of 11.30am-3.00pm the following needs to be considered:

  • Students will only be permitted a maximum of 1 session per week of external allied health. (The reason for this is if we have 50 students request that is 50 hours of space and Katandra has limited rooms available at this stage)
  • Session times will need to be organised by the Leading Teacher of Student Management & Wellbeing or the Principal to ensure that times do not conflict with other scheduled therapists, room availability and classroom programs.
  • The Department of Education, stipulates that Students will not regularly miss important curriculum programs, and allied health should not replace learning programs, but rather support and assist what is happening in the classroom and extended to home and the community.
  • All Allied Health Professionals will need to undergo a 2-hour session of the Child Safe Standards and also expectations of Allied Health at Katandra School before they work with the students. Parents/Carers should refer the allied health professional to the school, these sessions will be run twice a term, not on an individual basis.
  • If parents are unsure of how or who to get support from allied health professionals Katandra School can recommend some services, allied health professionals and some effective ways to work allied health into an environmental model to best meet the needs of your child.