Katandra School enrols students who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. The enrolment process involves students receiving funding under the Program for Support with Disabilities. You can learn more about enrolling at Katandra School on our enrolment page.

NDIS Allied Health / Therapists

Katandra School is supportive of external NDIS registered allied health and therapy practitioners coming into the school to work with students to support their individual needs to access their learning, support physical, emotional and cognitive needs.


The Student Support Group ensures that those with the knowledge and responsibility for the child or young person work together to support engagement, attendance and achievement, and establish shared educational and social goals. This group also monitors and evaluates the child or young person’s progress.


In our digital world today, cyber safety is more relevant and important for our students than ever before. Teaching our students and families safe digital practices is an important part of the Katandra learning experience.

Augmented and Alternative Communication

Students in special education settings with speech or language problems may need AAC to help them communicate. Some may use it all of the time. Others may say some words but use AAC for longer sentences or with people they don’t know well. AAC can help in school and when talking with friends and family.