Take a look into an excellent school and you will see an effective, dedicated leadership team. At Katandra we pride ourselves as instructional leaders, and believe leaders are essential for high-quality education as their decisions and actions have a direct impact on student engagement, well-being and learning.

At Katandra School, we have a committed leadership team who collaborate together with teachers, parents, and students in the best interest of every member with in the school community.

Our Senior Leadership Team consists of:

Acting Principal: Thomas Cazaly
Leading Teacher of Curriculum: Jacqui Lamden
Business Manager: Barbara Pontikis
IT Manager: David Alabaster


Acting Principal Tom Cazaly
Leading Teacher (Curriculum & Assessment) Jacqui Lamden
Teaching Staff Liz Addison
Carli Eikelis
Sarah Fares
Sinead Keating
Steve Lo Casto
Christy Vryonis
Education Support Staff Julie Brunsdon
Robyn Durham
Caroline Francis
Simone Hill
Gaylene O’Connor
Karen Ryan
Amy Ursnik
DET Tutor Zac Gillard
Business Manager Barbara Pontikis
Administration Office Mandy Ryan
IT Manager David Alabaster