Networks and Community Partnerships

Community organisations play an important role in delivering services and programs to Katandra School that frequently focus on improving the opportunities and resources available to the young people and their families.

The partnerships between Katandra School and community organisations provide an opportunity for services and resources to be more accessible and delivered more efficiently. By partnering with our local community organisations, Katandra have the ability to plan and develop infrastructure and programs that assist our students across the community.

This also helps foster greater integration between our school and the surrounding communities creating better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Katandra School has found that the benefits of effective partnerships between our school and community organisations bring benefits to the staff and students whilst helping the broader community understand the abilities, needs and interests of our students in a special school environment.


Katandra School has formed the following networks and partnerships to support or students and their families:

Instacare are an independent plan management and support coordination specialists who have the ability to support our families with NDIS support.
Instacare are a group of qualified professionals in allied health and accountants who have a passion for facilitating people with disabilities to reach their full potential.
Instacare’s goal is to reduce the pressures associated with paperwork, ensuring families have choice, paying your service providers on time and managing your child’s NDIS plan.

o MDCA: Mobile Dental Clinics Australia 
Mobile Dental Clinics Australia, provide emergency, general and dental laboratory services for our students at our school.  At Katandra we recognise that organising dental visits for your child can be a challenge and a struggle to fit into busy schedules. MCDA are qualified dental technicians who have experience in working with students in special school settings and provide the comfort, care and support in a familiar environment for the students to receive their regular dental check-ups. 
MCDA attend Katandra twice a year both at the end of Term 1, and the end of Term 3.

o Kilivington Grammar
Katandra works closely with the students at Kilvington Grammar offering the year 9 and 10 students work experience and community placement programs, where they run peer programs to support our students learning at Katandra.

o Riding Develops Abilities Victoria RDA

RDA Moorabbin, provide a community based horse riding program for students at Katandra. RDA is only abled to be offered to a select number of students at the school and is attracts a fee for students to participate.

o Gauge Café Ormond 
Gauge is a local Café that support Katandra School through displaying a Gallery of student artwork. Gauge sells the art work to help in raising funds for school wide community projects.

o Elsternwick Park Tennis Centre

During the school year, Elsternwick Park Tennis Centre provide weekly Tennis coaching clinics for the students at Katandra School.