Music and Performing Arts Programme

Performing Arts is one of the specialist subjects undertaken at Katandra. Students are granted the opportunity to express themselves creatively via the mediums of drama, dance, music, games and song.

Lessons are planned around the units of inquiry being focussed on across the whole school. This provides the students with the opportunity to further explore their units in a physically, artistic manner.

Outside of structured classroom lessons, there are numerous other opportunities for Katandra students to participate in the performing arts.

These include:

  • The whole school concert. This is held annually and each class performs an item. The concert normally takes place late in Term Three.
  • Participation in the Southern Special Schools’ Music Festival. The festival showcases the dance talents of numerous special schools in our region and alternates each year between junior and senior students. Selected classes are chosen each year to perform.
  • Guitar lessons
  • Drama workshops
  • Performances for peers and younger students
  • Performing Arts and music based lunchtime activities
  • Excursions and incursion