Middle School

Years 3/4

At Katandra School  we have two delightful 3 – 4 classes. Our students aged between 8 and 10 engage in a variety of academic, social/communication, sporting, specialist and extra-curricular activities to help promote and support their development in a holistic way (intellectual, physical, social and emotional.

Over each term the students participate in a wide range of Literacy and Numeracy tasks which are developed to reflect the student's individual abilities, strengths and needs.

Literacy activities are divided into 3 main components:

  • Writing (ie. handwriting, story-writing, journals, sentence structure)
  • Reading (ie. take home readers, comprehension, word study, spelling)
  • Speaking & Listening (morning circle, daily journals, weekend news)

Numeracy activities reflect 3 main areas. These are:

  • Number (ie: number facts, patterns, 1:1 correspondence, adding & subtracting)
  • Measurement (Time, money, graphing, comparisons, calendars)
  • Space (shapes, location, mapping)

Our learning experiences are supported by specialist lessons which are Music, Art, Home-crafts, Computer,Sport, Occupational & Speech Therapy.

The students' also participate in different activities to support their development in the area of relationships (ie. getting along, sharing, turn taking, resilience, making good choices ,etc).

This term the students' are participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities including bike-riding, going to the park, library sessions and shopping. Over the year all students will have the opportunity to be part of these wonderful excursions.

Year 3 – 4 is an exciting time for the students as they have now all left Juniors and are consolidating and extending their skills as they move up the school hierarchy towards Seniors. They are taking on more responsibility and have a greater say in the decision making of their class. Their friendships with others are growing and with support, self-expression and confidence are becoming more evident.