Take a look into an excellent school and you will see an effective, dedicated leadership team. At Katandra we pride ourselves as instructional leaders, and believe leaders are essential for high-quality education as their decisions and actions have a direct impact on student engagement, well-being and learning.
At Katandra School, we have a committed leadership team who collaborate together with teachers, parents, and students in the best interest of every member with in the school community.

Our Senior Leadership Team consists of:
Principal: Rhett Watts
Business Manager: Barbara Pontikis
Administration/Grounds & Facilities Officer: Mandy Ryan
Leading Teacher of Curriculum/Achievement & Learning Specialist:           Jacqui Lamden
Leading Teacher of Student Management/ Wellbeing & Childsafe Officer: Wendy Sheppard

Our Middle Leadership Team consists of:
Literacy Coordinator: Georgina Christoffi
Numeracy Coordinator: Yael Arinz
SWPBS Coordinator: Christy Vyronis
Digital Technologies Coordinator: Jodie Bandouvakis