Katandra Attributes

Katandra Attributes
Katandra School embraces a set of special attributes that allows our students to create, discover and grow together as part of our Learning Community. The following set of attribute statements represent a summary of the culture of care along with the ‘sense and feel’ of the school.


Attribute #1- Our Environment - this means that we

  •   appreciate the ‘welcoming and warm atmosphere’ about our school
  •   appreciate the benefits of a small sized school and community
  •   are inspired by our heritage buildings and history of the school
  •   work to maintain safe and healthy play areas
  •   are proud of our school and care for our buildings, outdoor spaces and resources
  •   enjoy and take care of the school environment so that it is a beautiful and engaging environment for learning


Attribute #2- Our School Community - this means that we

  •  work together as a team to achieve common goals
  •  value the opinions and contributions of others
  •  respect individual skills and differences
  •  are adaptable to change
  •  work co-operatively
  •  communicate effectively
  •  create a supportive and co-operative environment
  •  have confidence, belief and trust in team members
  •  demonstrate a personal contribution and commitment to educational improvement and excellence in teaching & learning
  •  understand and appreciate our own role and the role of others


Attribute #3- Our School Values - this means that we

  •  care about and support each other
  •  endeavour to do our best and be professional in everything we do
  •  value and actively pursue excellence
  •  behave honestly and ethically
  •  appreciate and accept ourselves and others
  •  respect the rights and property of others
  •  accept that rules are necessary for the safety of everyone
  •  encourage individual choice
  •  develop a sense of  collective responsibility
  •  Build self-resilience and looking after our own wellbeing


Attribute #4- Our Learning Processes - this means that we

  •  nurture a love of learning
  •  recognise learning is a life-long process
  •  take responsibility for learning by encouraging risk taking
  •  provide challenging learning experiences that develop self esteem
  •  acknowledge effort and achievement
  •  encourage children and staff to reach their individual potential
  •  value the opinions and contributions of others
  •  cater for individual teaching and learning styles
  •  continually monitor progress and report on student achievement