Visual Arts

Visual Arts is valued in Katandra School as a subject that all can achieve success in. The Visual Arts program is designed to encourage students to achieve their artistic potential in an engaging and supportive environment. As well as allowing students to express themselves, art develops fine motor skills, encourages open-ended thinking and teaches students to persevere through challenges.

Students create and make art works involving imagination, experimentation, planning, the application of arts elements, principles, skills, techniques, processes, media, and materials. Individually and collaboratively, students explore their own works and works by other artists working in different historic and cultural contexts.

Students analyse and develop an understanding about their own and other people’s work and express personal and informed judgments of art works.

We are proud to be working in collaboration with Gauge Café Ormond, where student artwork is displayed for the community to enjoy. Artwork is also exhibited on our Redbubble page, where proceeds help fund our exciting art program.