Katandra is fortunate to have a fantastic garden area established by passionate staff and school community throughout the years. It is fully equipped with raised garden beds, fruit trees, composting area and a secure shed.

Katandra won an award in the 2019 Victorian Schools Garden Program!

Students from all age groups are able to participate in a variety of hands on learning programs that build lifelong passion and skills in horticulture.

Students through this program learn the elements of safety involved in working around the garden. Some areas are identifying and properly using tools, selecting safety clothing and being sun smart, recognizing friendly and unfriendly garden creatures and treating them appropriately, and proper handling of different types of plants. These skills are practised on a daily basis, teaching valuable skills that can be used beyond the school.

Students learn first-hand the entire life cycle of plants and learn as seeds planted in the classroom spout into seedlings, then are transferred into the school garden beds where they can thrive and be harvested for use in the food technology program run in classrooms.