At Katandra, have a consistent approach to teaching and learning of Literacy at Katandra. We use evidenced based programs, which cater to our student’s diverse abilities and learning profiles. We use a variety of teaching resources, which target reading, phonological awareness, comprehension, oral language, communication, and writing.

At Katandra we value and provide a Multi-Sensory approach to English/Literacy curriculum delivery. Our Literacy learning program combines rich indoor and outdoor applied learning experiences with guided learning activities that encourage students to develop at their own pace and within their zone of proximal development. Our teachers recognise the need for programs to be delivered in a way that recognises individual student goals and needs with an emphasis on student centred learning.

At Katandra we believe communication underpins all areas of the curriculum and daily life, and that all students have the capacity and the right to communicate, and to be engaged in genuine opportunities to learn to communicate whether through spoken language or some form of augmentative and/or alternative communication e.g. picture symbols, signs or speech generating devices.

Katandra also has a home reading program to support the students reading behaviours, comprehension and fluency when engaging with various texts. Parents/families can refer to the School Documentation page for more information.