Critical and Creative Thinking

Young people are the future. They will be the innovators and problem solvers.

Katandra School aims to enhance the thinking skills of our students. Building the capacity of the students thinking abilities will be targeted through implementing and providing a sequence of tools and strategies that can be used seamlessly through all aspects of the student’s education.

An explicit focus on thinking, and the teaching of thinking skills aims to develop students’ thinking to a qualitatively higher level. Students need to be supported to move beyond the lower order cognitive skills of recall and comprehension to the development of higher order processes required for creative problem solving, decision making and conceptualising.

At Katandra students work towards the achievement of standards in critical and creative thinking, they explore a wide variety of familiar contexts. With encouragement and support, they wonder, question and become adventurous in their thinking about these contexts.

Students practise using all their observations which they learn to share and record.

Three combined processes determine success in early stages of building individual’s capacity in thinking:

  1. Input: obtaining, organising knowledge through sensory awareness and perception to confirm ‘What I know’.
  2. Control: thinking through a situation and making actions meaningful, e.g. Planning, decision making and evaluating.
  3. Output: Strategies for using knowledge and solving problems that combine ‘What I do’ with ‘What I Know’ e.g. remembering, thinking about and generating new ideas.

Through the use of a range of simple thinking tools to gather and process information, Students progress in understanding that reflective thinking is a deliberate process, affected by emotions and motivations, and that it is used to develop and refine ideas and beliefs, furthermore to explore different and new perceptions.