Curriculum Overview

At Katandra School, the school team ensure students experience a secure and supportive place to learn to the best of their ability. Teachers foster an environment that is positive and productive. Through a curriculum that is supported by an integrated therapy team, positive behaviour support system and various specialist programs, all children are encouraged to develop their communication and independence skills, attempt new challenges and to accept responsibility for their learning and their behaviour.


The academic program at Katandra School adheres to the belief that all students have a right to an education and all students will flourish with a comprehensive and strategic approach to support their individual learning needs. Our teachers follow differentiated teaching and learning strategies to tailor their methods effectively to reach every student, giving all students the opportunity to succeed in the Victorian Curriculum.


Curriculum programs have been developed which whilst reflecting DEECD policy and organised according to the Victorian Curriculum Learning Standards and Levels A-D of the curriculum, we also recognise the very individual needs of our students. Specific programs have been developed in each domain. Through these programs the Teachers at Katandra School develop the skills identified in students’ individual learning plans (ILP).


At Katandra, literacy and numeracy skills are aimed at the level of each child through an individual program. Teachers reflect and evaluate programs to make sure they are directed appropriately to each child. Across the School learning is structured around Literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and Numeracy programs. This involves a daily teaching block and ongoing assessment in subject areas, highlighting best practice and innovative and stimulating activities.